According to the art. 60 and followings of the Swiss Civil code, we are a non-profit organization, composed of 5 active members and numerous passive members.

President & founder : Isabelle Rathgeb (Switzerland)
Co-founder - Tresorier: Elisabeth Rathgeb-Kästle (Switzerland)
Vice-Chairman Daniel Porchet (Switzerland)
Secretary Chantal Herrera
Vincenzo Musto: representing the club in Italy

The goal of the NEBKC is to promote the Bulldog breeds, from the smallest French Bulldog to the largest American Bulldog.

The goal of a NEBKC certified breeders is to achieve perfection as far as correct breed type, health and temperament.

All NEBKC judges use the official breed standard as a guide to give themselves a mental picture of breed perfection by which they select future conformation champions.