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From January 2015, registering adults (converting your pedigrees in NEBKC papers) together with a litter will be free of charge if you choose the option "free puppy certificates".

If you like to order full pedigrees for your customers, the cost is Euros 15.- per pedigree for a 3-5 generations with photo insert and laminated. If you choose this option the converting of the pedigree of the parents will be Euros 15.- each.

All registries are accepted to be converted into NEBKC Pedigrees.

In the Old English Bulldog, we accept outcrosses with English Bulldog, American Bulldog as foundational stock. This will be mentioned as OEB F-1 and breed is always indicated in the NEBKC Ref. Nr of the dog as for example "NEBKC-OEBF1US-678M" - then followed by 2 letters wich is the country of origin + Ref Nr of the dog and final letter is the sex of the dog. M or F. To know wich breed was used in the outcross, check out previous generations Reg-Nrs. This allows you to make better breeding matches as you exactly know your dogs pedigree.

On request we do ad the owner's affix as prefix of the dog's name then the producer affix come in suffix after the dog's name offten abreviated. Ex: BULLPRIDE Dozer of BC/ of BULLCORE. Name of the dog inclusive Affix should not exceed 25 letters.

Lifetime Kennelname registration and certificate of NEBKC membership is Euros 15.-.
We register American Bulldogs, Old English Bulldogs "Olde English Bulldogges" , "New English Bulldogs" wich are alternative English Bulldogs (check out picture gallery on the main page) , pure bred color English and french bulldogs also in colors wich are not accepted in other kennel clubs FCI/LOF as blacks or blues. Classic standard colors are welcome.

A quality service is offered for pedigrees, they come on 4 generations or 5 if we have the data, with picture and laminated. Inscription of champion titles, HD results, DNA or any other data is possible if wished and free of charge. Health repports on dogs will be kept confidentially in our database.

A pedigree established on 4 or 5 generation instead only on 3 is not only intressting for the puppy buyer but allows also the breeder to create the better breeding matches.

Litter registering is free of charge for the breeders, whatever the number of puppies.

As soon as a pup is sold, the buyer recieves the temporary certificate wich has to be completed and returned to us with the due fee of Euros 25.- and photo of the pup. Delivery of pedigrees usually takes 1-2 weeks.

The temporary puppy certificates can be requested when the puppies turned 1 month.

The procedure for registering a litter is strict if you don't own the dog, a stud contract and copy of the passport of the dog must be sent, because to many fake pedigrees are established by some "registries" wich only require 2 pedigrees for establishing the papers for the puppies. This kind of procedure is assistance to fraud and also affects the purity of the breeds.

Registering 2 adults with a litter, whatever the size, is Euros 30.- 1 time fee. They recieve a NEBKC Pedigree. If you register another litter of same genitors, it's tax free!

If you own only the mother, used a stud from another kennel, then only registering of the mother is mandatory, Euros 15.-.

The breeder can also order the pedigrees for his customers, then the price of the pedigree of each puppy is 15.- euros. In this case we need chip-nr, name and address of the new owner, named picture of the pups.

Single registering for changement of ownership or kennelclub is 25.- Euros.

Inscripion of custom as champion titles or HD score or any other data on existing pedigree is 25.- Euros.

To register the adults, we need a picture of the dog from profile and front, also of his bite to confirm that he is true to breed.

Please let us know if you want a bloodline specifyed on the pedigree as your kennel name or other.

If the dog is outcrossed, it will be specified on the pedigree 1F-F5 with NDA used as we make a difference between foundational and generational. After 5 generations without outcrossing the dog is considered generational.

We also provide hip scoring for our members, Norberg angle mesure.
X-rays must be done under sedation. Just forward the email of your vet with the x-rays and full data on the identity of your dog. You can choose this option in the PayPal menu above.



You pay via PayPal on the this page or also per Post or Bank wire to our International NEBKC-Club account with IBAN & BIC codes. You'll find all information (wirtten in green) on our "Contact" page. If you pay by wire, please send photo or scanned copy of your wire order.

Postfinance SA
Account: NEBKC
Account n 14-533882-7 (Switzerland only)
International IBAN: CH22 0900 0000 1453 3882 7

Please make a COPY of the requested data above on this page and PAST into email below in order to be sure to provide all data and send all documents to following email, click on letter gif.

For single dog resigstering, 1 email for each dog, for litters all puppies and genitors together. THANK YOU.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have, we gladly answer by email or phone within 24H.

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