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Puppy Classes
Adult Classes

Novice Puppy (3-6 months)
Junior Puppy (6-9 months)
Senior Puppy (9-11 months)
Junior Adult (1-2 years)
Senior Adult (2-4 years)
Veteran Adult (4 years & older)

Conformation points will be awarded based on the following.

1st place 5 pts
2nd place 3 pts
3rd place 1 pt

+ an additional point for each dog beaten in each class.

Best male puppy will earn all points of the dogs beaten in the 2 other classes.

Best female will earn all points of the dogs beaten in the 2 other classes

Best of puppies will earn all the points of the beaten dog of opposite gender

Same system apply to the adult classes.

Junior Championship

2x best of show, reserve best of show
75 Pts
2x mention EX, EX+ by 2 different judges

Earned Puppy Points are carried over and count towards Adult Points.

 All Around Best In Show ~ Adult

The Best In Show Standard dog will compete against the Best In Show Classic dog for All Around Best In Show with the winner receiving the additional points of the beaten dog.

The All Around Best In Show will be judged by the:

Classic judge, the Standard judge and a third judge, with each judge having one vote, majority rules.

 *If a third judge is not available then a decision must be agreed upon between both judges as to determine the winner.

 *If the show is judged by one judge then this judge will judge the class and determine the winner.

Championship Requirements

*Before earning champion status, a dog must complete one of the following. A dog will become a champion based on whichever of the two methods of championship is attained first:

Considered maj. win:

  1. Best of Show, Reserve best of show


To earn a champion title a dog must:


The dog compets against points.

The dog has been confirmed by 3 different judges EX or EX+ to earn a conformation CH TITLE. (CCH)

CH, CCH, JCH dogs may only show in Best of Breed, Best of Show classes even if they're are from another club.

This system allows an effective selection for quality on a limited number of dogs in the ring, it allows also to value the quality of dogs even if they're very numerous in the ring as only 3 can earn a place.

Point Transfer Requirements:
Please provide the following information with verification by email.

 -Registered Name
 -Name of Event(s)
 -Date of Event(s)
 -Number of Points Earned
 -Owner Name & Address