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 Gang of Bull's Allya
GOTR's Blue Bolica of BF
The English Passions Go-Fast of LB
Spirit's Bulls Athena of BF
The English Passions Moo-Moo of JA
Hohenstein's Bomba of BOK
Color Me Bad's T-Bone
Phx's Blue Strike DRB's Turbo of FCB
Downright Bully's Jackie Brown
Colossal's Nikkita
Phx's Blue Strike
Nikkita'z Killa
Ultimate Bulls Havana of NB
Gang of Bull's Darko of NB
Gargoyle's Black Omen
Gargoyle's Golem
Big Pommern Bulldogs Capone
Gang of Bull's Hermès
Bulldogfamily's Hannibal of NB
Colossal's Nikkita RB
Coco of BF & Bronko of GCB
ltalian Bullkeeper Ermes
ltalian Bullkeeper Jago
ltalian Bullkeeper Baddy